Roses? Yes, please!

Roses every single day! Live like the queen you are.

Roses are just plain gorgeous and they smell divine and we think everyone deserves to have beautiful things that smell good and make their skin super soft :)

On top of that, things can get a little dreary in certain parts of the world (umm, Pittsburgh??) around this time of the year. The excitement of the holidays is like a distant memory (yeah, it's def time to put those decorations away!) and Spring still seems way too far away. It's prime time for a serious case of the winter blahs. 

So brighten things up and treat yourself like the queen you are with a daily dose of Rose Simple Sugars! The scent of rose is a mood booster and you'll have skin that's as soft as rose petals. Hmm, maybe "live like a queen" was an understatement...  ;)

P.S. We're all about being our own Valentine and this makes an awesome self Valentine's gift!