Raspberry and Lemonade are back for the summer!

There are so many reasons to be excited about Summer: long hot days spent at the pool, hanging out on the beach, strutting your stuff in a cute summer dress and adorable sandals and, of course, Simple Sugars all-natural Lemonade and Raspberry body scrubs!!

There are no two ways about it. Summer is the season of smoothness. Tank tops, bathing suits, sundresses, and shorts all raise the bar where smoothness is concerned. So get your NO-LO on and flaunt your smoothness! We think these are two of the most intoxicating scents we offer, so here's a little info to help you decide:

Nothing refreshes on a hot day, like a tall glass of freshly squeezed lemonade. Our all-natural Lemonade scrub has the same effect with the added benefit of leaving your skin its silky smoothest. Not to mention the fact that the scent of lemon is invigorating and stimulating - just the ticket to revving up for a long day in the heat. (NOTE: Citrus esssential oils are strong photo-sensitizers, so sunscreen is a must if you're going to be sunbathing after scrubbing with this one!)

Summertime is berry time! Raspberries, with their delicious scent and heavy-duty antioxidant content make the perfect headliner for our all-natural summer scrub. What can we say? Our all natural Raspberry Body scrub is just plain gorgeous in appearance and aroma. Lush. Fruity. Smooth. What more could anyone want? 

It's summer! GO NO-LO!