Psoriasis is a condition that goes more than skin deep

People with psoriasis are twice as likely to be depressed.

Depression has been called the #1 comorbidity associated with psoriasis. Having a visible skin condition causes embarrassment which can obviously lower someone's self-esteem and make them depressed. Psoriasis can also be very uncomfortable, which again, can make people that are dealing with it feel depressed. And according to WebMD, psoriasis can actually affect your brain chemicals. The cytokines released by your immune cells that cause the rapid reproduction of skin cells that results in red, scaly, plaques also affect serotonin levels that are responsible for your mood. Wow. That is not even fair. So what can you do to keep your mind as healthy as possible when you have psoriasis? Well, for one thing, keeping your psoriasis symptoms under control will help minimize the embarrassment and frustration that can lead to low self-esteem and depression.

If you control your symptoms with Simple Sugars with Emu Oil, using the scents that are mood and energy boosting could also help. Lavender, for example, is calming and reduces stress. Vanilla and Rose have been shown to be mood-boosting or any of the citrus scents can increase energy levels and overall feelings of well-being. Of course, getting soft smooth skin without lotion can make you feel pretty darn happy as well. Living with psoriasis is hard. Living with psoriasis and depression is even harder. Taking care of yourself is important and getting help when you feel like you might need it is also very important.