Oh no! Here comes SMONDAY!


80% of Americans report having feelings of intense anxiety and dread on Sundays.

You know how it feels when Sunday Funday suddenly turns into¬†Smonday. ūüĎĽ

That feeling of unspecific dread that creeps up on more than three-quarters of us on Sundays is no fun at all. Termed the Sunday Scaries by The Cleveland Clinic, these bad feelings can affect you even if you work from home and drinking a whole bottle of wine while watching reruns of The Great British Bake-Off is definitely not the best way to deal.

You can't stop Monday from coming but you can create a feel good ritual that can make the Sunday Funday feeling last until you're nestled snugly in your bed.

Give yourself a reason to love Sunday night by adopting a head to toe smoothness ritual. Spend some extra time, use Avocado Facial or your favorite facial with emu oil for extra softness, treat your whole body to a good dose of NO-LO smoothness with Pumpkin, Lavender or Vanilla (all scents that soothe and relax) and finish by making your feet happy! To create the right mood, pick a chill playlist, dim the bathroom lights and fire up a few candles. This is some first rate self-care and we all should be making time for regular doses. 

P.S. If Sunday really gets you down please check out this article for tips and how to know when you should get help.