Now it's even easier to get into the club!

We're really not that into exclusivity. We're more about inclusion. Especially when it comes to showing our loyal customers just how much they mean to us on a regular basis. So, we decided to make it a little easier for more of you to get into The Super Smooth Club sooner.
If you're asking yourself, what's The Super Smooth Club? Allow us to fill you in! The Super Smooth Club is our loyalty program that rewards our smoothest customers with discounts, special gifts, and perks like priority order fulfillment and our highest level of customer service. (For details click the button below)
We really value every customer that trusts us with their hard earned money and their skin, but we especially love those of you that do it on a regular basis. After all, our loyal customers are the ones that keep us going and we take showing our appreciation very seriously. 
Previously, you automatically got into The Club when you spent $200 in a calendar year. Starting now, you get into The Club when you spend $200 OR place 3 orders in a year, whichever comes first. 
Once you're in the club you'll start earning rewards and getting our special hand-picked SSC gift with every order and can move up to Gold, and finally Pink level. 
We can't wait to show more of you our special brand of Simple Sugars love! 
Stay Smooth! 💗