Need a reason to smile? How about 3?

This had to make you smile. We all need a few more reasons to make us smile lately not the least of which is that smiling is actually good for you. It triggers a powerful chemical reaction in the brain that lifts your mood, lowers stress and boosts your immune system. So yeah, we all need lots of things that make us smile. (Read more about the benefits of smiling here)

Here's the second thing that's gonna make you smile.

The third thing that's sure to make you smile is pampering yourself with an at-home spa day. A silver lining of not being able to leave the house is that you most likely have the time to devote to a full-scale pampering sesh. Taking time to do something nice for yourself will make you feel a little, or maybe even a lot, better. Don't forget to smile when you look in the mirror. :)

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