Most of us are cutting back, but that doesn't mean you can't still have great skin!

Strapped piggy bank

If you're on a tighter budget these days (️️🙋🏻‍♀️ ), you need Simple Sugars more than ever!

These are challenging economic times to be sure and most of us are feeling it. I took a dozen eggs out of my online shopping cart just this morning because they were $7.99! (And no, they weren't even golden eggs, just plain organic!) 

Many of us are changing the way we shop. But should you sacrifice great skin to save some cash? Well, you don't have to with Simple Sugars!

As you should definitely know by now, our Facials cleanse, exfoliate and moisturize in one easy step and they're loaded with good, healthy anti-oxidant rich ingredients. When we say a Simple Sugars Facial is the only product you need (besides a good sunscreen) for beautiful skin that you're going to love, we are not exaggerating in the least.

Even if you buy the emu oil version, which we highly recommend, it's going to cost you under $40 (including the insanely high shipping that UPS is charging us). If you're in the Super Smooth Club and you use a reward code, it's going to be even less.

But let's just use that $40. If you use our facials twice a day, both morning and night as we recommend, it should last you around 6 weeks. That comes to $7/week or $1/day.  $1/day for amazing looking and feeling skin? That might be the only true bargain out there right now!

So yes, we're saying you should save the money you're spending on moisturizer, serum, essence and anything else you've been sucked into by watching some GRWM TikTok and commit to a Simple Sugars only skincare routine. It works. We can 100% vouch. 

We are so desperate to hang onto our youth that we'll spend ridiculous amounts of money on a product that some influencer or celebrity claims "Honestly took my wrinkles away overnight!" Honestly? Nope!

It's time to get smart and keep it simple. Skin that you love is worth $1/day. We're throwing down the gauntlet. Try it for a month and be amazed. Use that extra cash to do something fun...or buy eggs. ;)