Let's talk about eczema, shall we?

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Eczema is a pretty mysterious condition and there's a lot that's not known about it. But it's estimated that 35 million Americans are afflicted with it, so it's a pretty significant problem.

Since our original airing on Shark Tank in March of 2013, we have heard the stories of thousands of people with eczema ranging in age from newborns to seniors in their 80s. Every story is a little different but there are definitely some common threads:

  1. Eczema is not easy to diagnose and it's often the catch-all diagnosis for any kind of skin rash.
  2. No one knows what really causes it or can even actually define what it is beyond saying it's a skin condition characterized by an itchy, red rash.
  3.  It's definitely not a pleasant condition and can really negatively impact one's quality of life.
  4.  Much of what is prescribed doesn't work and there is a very high level of frustration amongst eczema sufferers.

Now, before we go any further, let us make our famous disclaimer: Simple Sugars cannot and does not make any medical claims since the products have not been clinically tested. We can only relate the personal experience of our founder, many of our employees, and the thousands of customers that choose to share their impressive success stories with us. (Our Queen of Customer Service (a.k.a. Trista must say this at least 50 times a day!)

To be perfectly honest, there's a lot we also don't know about why Simple Sugars works so well for people suffering with eczema and psoriasis. We just know it does. We also know the following:

  1. Eczema is a scaly skin condition characterized by inflammation, so the GENTLE exfoliation with a Simple Sugars product that contains ingredients that have anti-inflammatory benefits (emu oil) are beneficial.
  2. Dry skin is a precursor to eczema and consistent and thorough moisturization, like Simple Sugars provides, is extremely beneficial in keeping eczema symptoms at bay.
  3.  Eczema sufferers need products, like Simple Sugars, that don't contain harsh or aggravating ingredients like chemical preservatives or phthalate-containing fragrances.
  4.  It's always better to try something natural and non-systemic like Simple Sugars before resorting to a medication that you ingest or absorb topically.

So, if you are suffering or know someone that is, read the success stories and give us a shot before you resort to chemical-filled, potentially ineffective treatments or pharmaceuticals that have side-effects and take months to show a benefit.

P.S. We get so many calls asking us which Simple Sugars product is the best for eczema and the answer is any of them will be equally as effective, just make sure you get one with emu oil. You'll find the emu oil products in the drop-down on each product page.