Honeydew is back for the last time ever

You read that correctly. Honeydew is back for the last time. Due to sourcing issues we will no longer be able to offer Honeydew, so when our existing stock is gone, it's gone forever. Whelp. The NO-LO world is losing a star. ūüėʬ†

We are in love with Honeydew.

It's ultra-summery fresh authentic scent that takes you to a picnic in your mind is just the beginning. Then there's it's amazing gorgeous, unique light green hue. But last and absolutely not least is the fact that all this is just the icing on top of the buttery smooth NO-LO cake that is your skin after you use it. 

If you've also fallen in love with Honeydew then you already know you need to get several. If you somehow, passed on this one so far or are new to Simple Sugars, you simply must!