Have a summer romance with Dragonfruit. You won't be sorry.

Here at Simple Sugars HQ we've all become smitten with Dragonfruit! For years Lemonade has reigned supreme as the queen of the summertime scents amongst our team...until now.

Dragonfruit has stolen our smooth little hearts! Are we so shallow, that we've been seduced by the undeniable beauty of Dragonfruit? Perhaps, we are. It's purplish-pink hue is mesmerizing, after all.

So, if you've been thinking, "Dragonfruit? No thank you, my heart belongs to Lemonade!" we strongly encourage you to reconsider and have a little tryst with Dragonfruit! This is the one that might just sneak in and steal your heart right out from under Lemonade's nose. 

On the other hand, in this particular case loyalty is over-rated. Why even choose when you can have both? You can have your Lemonade and your Dragonfruit too! (And your Pineapple and your Coconut...) Ahhhh, summer romance! 💕