Guacamole is the 2nd best thing you can make with Avocados! This is the first:

It's National Guacamole Day and don't get us wrong, guacamole is definitely worthy of celebration!

But to be honest, avocados are SO much more than just for making a great dip for your Tostitos. Avocados are great food for your face!

So why not celebrate by treating your face to our super moisturizing all-natural Avocado Facial or as we sometimes like to call it - Facial Guacamole :)

Avocado is our most emollient facial formulation and for good reason. Avocados are loaded with sterolins which are good-for-you fats that are reported to boost collagen production and heal sun damage, amongst other super skin benefits. 

All we know for sure is using this facial will help your skin stay hydrated and super smooth and, of course, NO-LO! This facial has an almost creamy, dare we say guac-like, consistency (thanks to the real avocados) and it has a very subtle scent. It also goes well with Margaritas! Ole!