Glazed Donut skin is a thing and our facials serve it up!

If you've heard of Glazed Donut skin, you might just follow Hailey Bieber's Youtube channel. If you're asking "Who?" and "What?" (no worries, we're not big on the socials either) we're happy to educate you! 

Though we're not big on social media around here we are VERY big on donuts. ALL kinds of donuts, glazed included. So, you bet that a skincare trend that contains the word donut, catches our attention.

Here's the bottom line on GDS: the goal is to have your skin looking like this glazed donut when you go to bed at night. Glowing and glistening and soft and scrumptious. (Ok, scrumptious is my embellishment, but did you see that donut pic?)

Well, guess what? Using one of our facials with emu oil before bed and will give you GDS! You don't need a list of expensive serums and oils and whatever else, to get glowy, luminous glazed donut skin! You just need a Simple Sugars Facial with emu oil.

We don't know about you, but usually, we're pretty tired before bed so a nice easy one-step skincare "routine" that cleanses, exfoliates and moisturizes is just perfect. Oh and, with Simple Sugars you can get your Glazed Donut skin in multiple varieties! Make mine Pineapple, if you please!

Stick with us folks, we'll keep you smooth, NO-LO and on trend! 😉