Father's Day: a.k.a. The Most Boring Gifting Occasion of the Year.

Father's Day is coming up on June 19th. That's just two Sundays from now.

If your first thought was "Ugh!". We feel you. Father's Day is tough. I mean what do Dad's really need anyway?

Let's make it simple, by using a process of elimination. Let's start with what NOT to get him.

Here's a list:

- A tie. Unless he's a lawyer or works on Wall Street, chances are he hasn't even thought about wearing a tie in a very long time. And picking a tie for someone is overwhelming and very boring.

-Golf/Fishing stuff. Here's the thing: if he's that into a particular
sport, he's probably pretty particular about his equipment. And since he's a guy. chances are, if he really wants or needs "stuff" for his sport of choice, he's already bought it for himself. So, yeah, bad idea.

- Wine/Beer/Whiskey. C'mon this is Father's Day not a tailgate party for goodness sake! 

- A Ferrari. Ok, this is an awesome gift! If you can swing it, go for it. Your dad will forget any and every nightmare you were ever responsible for giving him. But since a Ferrari starts somewhere around the $220k mark we venture to guess this is probably not in your budget.

So what's the perfect gift for a dad? Something he really needs, would not even think about buying for himself and will make him feel super good about himself every single day!

In other words, The Smooth For Men Starter Kit. 😎

It's perfect for dads of any size, shape, age or temperament. Of course at first, he's going to look at you like "Have you ever even met me?" But once you tell him what to do with it. (You use it just like soap Dad!) and he tries it? Oh, man, you are SO in with your dad! Because every dad loves when one of his kids makes him look good and getting him the Smooth For Men Starter Kit is going to literally make him look, and feel so very smooth.

P.S. If you're dad is already enlightened and enjoys the NO-LO lifestyle, a subscription of his favorite is the way to go!