Exfoliation 101. Part One.

Unless you're like this little guy you should be using your Simple Sugars every day!
Here at Simple Sugars we don't like to take anything for granted. So,we thought it was time for a little back-to-basics, skincare 101-type, exfoliation review.
Exfoliation is a natural biological process. You see your body is constantly creating new skin cells to replace the ones on the surface that are damaged just from being exposed to daily life which involves things like sun, pollution, injury, bacteria and a long list of other assailants. Your body produces new skin cells in the subcutaneous layer which then make their way to the dermis and then finally to the surface (that's the epidermis, for you technical types). This is a pretty rough journey and the little guys end up getting hardened and eventually dying by the time they reach the surface! Once they get there they hang out just waiting to be sloughed off so that the glowy new skin underneath can make its debut. Sounds kinda sad and kinda valiant at the same time, right? 
So here's the thing: unless you're a new baby (since you're reading this, that's highly unlikely) your dead skin cells are probably hanging around longer than they should. Babies are really efficient at turning over their skin cells and it only takes about 14 days for them to completely renew their skin. In teenagers this takes about 28 days. Adults turn over their skin cells somewhere between 28 and 42 days and if you're over 50 it can take up to 84 days! Gulp.
See a pattern here? Those nasty little skin cell zombies stick around a lot longer as we age and that makes your complexion look dull and tired. And that's not the least of it, they can also clog your pores leading to acne, blackheads and whiteheads and/or result in hyperpigmentation. They can even inflame hair follicles (think men's beards and ladies legs).  So, yes, there's no question, they simply have to go.
This is where daily use of your favorite Simple Sugars Body and Facial comes in because your body needs some help moving things along to keep you looking smooth and glowy. 
To review here are the top 5 reasons why the GENTLE daily exfoliation that Simple Sugars products provide* is important:
  1. Exfoliation unclogs pores, prevents the pores from re-clogging and allows for the release of natural oils, which keep your skin hydrated and moisturized (a.k.a. glowy).
  2. Regular exfoliation decreases pore size and minimizes many types of superficial scars. Little tiny pores and minimal scars are good things!
  3.  Exfoliating can stimulate collagen synthesis, which improves the appearance of fine lines. Nuff said.
  4. Exfoliation makes age spots and unwanted pigment less noticeable because the dead skin cells containing the pigment are removed.
So go slough yourself!! What are you waiting for? If you're out of Simple Sugars, get some now!
*P.S. Not all exfoliation is equal, so this applies to Simple Sugars products because they're specially formulated to be safe for daily use on even the most sensitive skin.