Everything you need to know to have a very smooth weekend!


It's definitely dry hands season!

Your hands deserve to be NO-LO just like the rest of you! So if you're fighting a battle with dry, painful hands you need to start showing those hard-working hands some Simple Sugars/Smooth For Men kind of love!

If you wash your hands a lot, keep a jar of Body with Emu at your sink and use it every time you wash because dry painful hands suck and lotion doesn't fix 'em. 

If you haven't tried our Chocolate Body and Chocolate Facial, what are you waiting for?? 

Honestly, this is one amazing way to GO NO-LO and if you don't love the smell of freshly baked brownies, your nose must be broken and you should get it fixed! ;)


If you are or know a guy that shaves his head our Smooth For Men Green Tea or Avocado Facial is the must-have of 2020. Get some!

Still hitting the gym?

Good for you because today is actually the day when most people ditch their resolutions. You deserve a reward! Nothing feels better after a tough workout than a nice warm shower with Sweet Relief! It soothes your muscles and makes you smooth. Double whammy!

Have a smooth weekend everyone!