Everyone needs a little Sweet Relief now and then

Sometimes smooth just isn't quite enough...

Aches and pains. We all get them and some of us have to deal with them on the daily. Whether it’s the result of a strenuous workout, a long car trip or flight, a day filled with tension and stress or a chronic condition, imagine being able to get into the shower in the morning and get out with not only the smoothest softest skin on the planet (without lotion) but relief from those nagging aches and pains as well?

Have you tried Sweet ReliefNot only does it make your skin NO-LO smooth it also features ingredients that are known to help relieve muscle and joint pain and stiffness.

The star of this formulation is arnica oil. Arnica is an all-natural ingredient that comes from a perennial that grows with bright yellow daisy-like flowers that’s been used since at least the 16th century to relieve muscle aches and bruises. We were introduced to this amazing ingredient by the Simple Sugars massage therapist who used it on us when anyone had a particularly sore muscle or after she would give an intense massage. In our experience, it works wonders!

Eucalyptus and peppermint are the co-stars in this formulation. Eucalyptus essential oil has known anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties and has been shown to provide significant relief from muscle and joint pain. Peppermint essential oil has anti-spasmodic and anti-inflammatory properties as well.

Add them all together with the already amazing cleansing, exfoliating and moisturizing benefits of Simple Sugars, and last but not least an incredibly refreshing and stimulating scent and you get a shower that makes you feel so good, you might feel like you should get a bill for it!

**Of course, as always, we are not making any claims or promises here, but we can assure you of a feel good experience and very soft smooth skin.