Blue Spirulina with Coconut is THE facial you need this summer

Our Blue Spirulina Facial looks like the ocean and smells like the tropics!

Here are the top 3 reasons why you need to try this facial that's kinda like the best vacation ever for your face!

  1. Blue spirulina is jam-packed with antioxidants (a requirement in a Simple Sugars Facial ingredient) and also boosts skin moisture by preventing water loss. 
  2. It smells like coconut! We've been getting requests for a coconut facial for years but coconut alone just didn't have the antioxidant profile we require for a facial. Pairing it up with blue spirulina fixed that in a big way. 
  3. It's the most amazing blue color. Like gorgeous ocean blue. Just looking at it is going to reduce your stress level but using it every day is going to give you soft smooth glowing NO-LO skin that mermaids would kill for.

Blue Spirulina Facial is good for all skin types, especially you sensitive ones!

SUMMER OF NO-LO TIP: For the best skin this summer use this one in the morning and our amazing Vitamin C Facial at night.