Bacne from working out?

If you go to the gym regularly or play a sport that makes you sweat or just happen to sweat in general (and who doesn't in the summer?) then chances are you may have an issue with body acne.

Body acne is caused by the same bad actors as facial acne. Dirt, oil and dead skin cells that get trapped in your pores. Sweating exacerbates this pore-clogging that results in zits.

So should you cut back on those workouts and try not to sweat so much to help eliminate bacne? No way! Go hard and take a post-workout shower with our Smooth For Men Green Tea with Tea Tree Body (And of course, this product is for everybody, it just happens to be featured in our Smooth For Men line.)

It gently exfoliates, which will unclog those pores, cleanses and eliminates the bacteria responsible for those breakouts. But more than that, it leaves you with incredibly soft, smooth skin!

You're working hard for that body, or not, but in any case, you shouldn't have to accept body acne as a given when you work up a good healthy sweat.

P.S. Other tips include wearing breathable (read cotton not spandex) clothing and making sure you wipe down that bench at the gym before using it.