The only thing better than kittens! THE SIMPLE SUGARS HOLIDAY GIFT GUIDE 2015

The holidays are coming faster than a locomotive and we want to make everyone's holiday gift giving as simple as possible this year! Simple Sugars just might be the perfect gift for just about every single person on your list. We know we're totally biased here, but we're assuming that all of your potential giftees have skin (and some probably even have really sensitive skin) and who amongst them wouldn't appreciate an awesome gift of delectable smelling all-natural smoothness? And all of these Simple Sugars gifts have two serious perks in common - NO WRAPPING REQUIRED and NO DRIVING AROUND THE PARKING LOT AND THEN GETTING SERIOUSLY ANNOYED BECAUSE THE DRIVER OF THE ONE CAR IN THE WHOLE PARKING LOT WITH ITS BACK UP LIGHTS ON IS BUSY TAKING 25 SELFIES WHILE YOU'RE WAITING FOR THEM TO GET THE HECK OUT OF YOUR WAY! :) (Ok, so maybe it's a pet peeve...)

So get yourself a nice hot cup of coffee (or glass of wine if you're relaxing at home) and settle in. We're going to break down holiday gift giving the Simple Sugars way.


The Simple Sugars Holiday Sampler  - You can't really go wrong with this one. 

What's awesome about it? It has variety, It screams "happy holidays", Every single scrub is to-die-for, Enough smoothness to last well into the New Year, Super cute packaging that doesn't require wrapping.

Who is this perfect for? Your son's girlfriend (provided she's a keeper), Your nieces (If you love them and you want them to think you're the most awesome aunt ever), Your own girlfriend (if you've been dating for 3 months or more OR you want to make a very big early impression :), Your boss (if she's great but a little short of awesome) 


The Pedi in a Box - The perfect little something that's seriously ideal for anyone on your gift list that has feet! :)

What's awesome about it? It has our super incredible Happy Feet foot scrub, It's got all the benes of a salon pedi, but in the comfort of your own home and no tip needed!, It gives you the softest, best smelling feet EVER!, It's a great price point and looks adorable 

Who is this perfect for? (list edited for length...) Teachers, Babysitters and Petsitters, Your daughter's friends, Roommates, Book Club Friends, Cubicle Mates, Holiday Hostesses (Buy a few to keep on hand for unexpected invitations)


The Holiday Head to Toe Sampler - The ultimate smoothness package to make anyone's holiday.

What's awesome about it? Contains everything she needs to get smooth from head-to-toe, All the benes of a day at the spa, but you don't have to leave the house - particularly key in cold and snowy climates.

Who is it perfect for? Your girlfriend (The one you want to keep!), Your daughter-in-law, sister-in-law, mother-in-law (It's the perfect in-law gift! She'll actually believe you like her when you give her this), Your BFF, Your SUPER awesome boss or your SUPER awesome administrative assistant

The Simple Sugars Collection - A sampling of all the best scents that Simple Sugars has to offer in an impressive package. 

What's awesome about it? It has 13 little "baby" scrubs in the most awesome collection of scents so you can try them all!, It comes impressively packaged, It makes a great introduction to the smooth and wonderful world of Simple Sugars :)

Who is it perfect for? Your girlfriend (The one you want to marry!), Your wife, Your daughter, Your mom, Your sister (The one you really like!)


The Quintessential Collection NEW THIS YEAR!! 

What's awesome about it? It's like The Simple Sugars Collection on steroids - except no dangerous side effects. All the best sellers in the 5oz size!

Who is this perfect for? The Simple Sugars lover in your life! 


Of course the guys deserve to be smooth too! And we all have a responsibility to help the men in our lives to be their smoothest.

The Smooth For Men Smoothness Starter Kit -  Everything he needs to get the best looking and feeling skin with minimal effort. As easy as soap and/or water but with benefits! 

What's awesome about it? It's the best gift he'll get that he didn't even know he wanted and/or needed!, It's actually a 2-fer. It's a gift for him but it's also a gift for you...if you get our drift. Especially the foot scrub... ;), Includes everything he needs to get smooth - a facial scrub, a body scrub and a foot scrub!, ESPECIALLY MADE FOR THOSE WITH SENSITIVE SKIN!

Who is this perfect for? Your son(s), Your husband/boyfriend/fiance, Your nephew, Your dad (if he's cool)


The Smooth For Men Ultimate Back Scratch with Gingerbread MAN body scrub - An awesome holiday scent for men and a way to let them scrub their own back! How perfect is that?!

What's awesome about it? This scrub smells delicious and guys love it!, There's nothing like a smooth man, One product, two minutes, awesome skin. It's almost like cheating. 

Who is this perfect for? Any guy that's not afraid to get great skin with something besides soap or water, Any guy with sensitive, itchy or dry skin.