An Update from Lani's Desk

An Update from Lani’s desk: 

Wow what a ride it’s been! We are happy to report that we are making excellent progress in our efforts to catch up after what we affectionately refer to around here as Super Storm Shark Tank! We ended up with an astounding 23,000 orders as a result of the show. (Remember, we were told to prepare for 600-800) 

Phenomenal. And daunting. And very much like getting hit with a Tsunami. 

We have had every imaginable issue from unforeseeable supply chain hang ups to annoyingly unacceptable delivery issues. Our main priority has been to maintain the high quality of our product despite having to rapidly hire and train new people and produce more product in 2 months than we have in the history of Simple Sugars! We have been frustrated by the fact that despite doing all we can we haven’t been able to provide the level of customer service we previously prided ourselves on, but please know that we are completely committed to getting back to providing unsurpassed service to our customers.

For those of you that hung in there with us and were kind and gracious enough to be patient during this exceptional time, we value you and will guarantee you a MUCH better customer experience going forward. For those who are frustrated, we are honestly doing the best we can under the circumstances and were NEVER out to “scam” or ignore anyone. 

Despite all the growing pains, the amazing reviews we’ve received from those of you that are reporting the excellent results you are having make it all worthwhile and very fulfilling for all of us here at Simple Sugars. 

Now for the good news, by the end of next week, we will be caught up and ready to begin shipping orders of in-stock products on our regular schedule (within 48 hours). Custom orders and gift packages will go out within a week. 

We have learned a lot and have MANY changes and improvements already in the works and on the drawing board. There are more big things ahead for us and we are excited and ready for the challenge! 

We hope you will join us for the ride. We look forward to keeping you Smooth for Life 

Stay Smooth~