Peach is Back!

August is National Peach month so it's the perfect time to bring back our luscious all-natural peach body scrub

Biting into a gorgeous, sun-ripened peach and having the aromatic juice running down your chin is practically a summertime ritual. Peaches are great for your skin since they have lots of Vitamins A, B and C. But the best part about peaches is that THEY SMELL SO GOOD! 

Get skin as velvety-soft as a peach, indulge in the delicious aroma of fresh peaches and make this last month of summer the smoothest yet!

We're making a limited supply of our Peach Body Scrub, and trust us, you're gonna want this one so get it while it lasts. Get the emu oil version here.

P.S. If you follow us at all, you are probably well aware that we have a fondness for food here at Simple Sugars! So celebrate National Peach Month by finding a local farmer, getting some gorgeous looking peaches and whipping up this little bit of peach deliciousness