Testimonial Tuesday!

Yay! It's Testimonial Tuesday!! And it's actually a Tuesday for a change! 

Today's awesome Simple Sugars story comes from Diane in Minnesota: 

"I want to share our Simple Sugars story. I am a 62 year old grandma with a beautiful 13 year old granddaughter. She was having the teen breakout skin, the annoying bumpy forehead and also trouble with very dry itchy skin. I purchased the green tea with emu oil and she saw IMMEDIATE results which encouraged her to continue using it! Her mother, my 38 year old daughter, then tried it and really liked how her skin looked and felt, so I purchased a Head to Toe gift package for her for Mother's day, which she LOVED! I found that the avocado with emu oil is perfect for my aging skin and really like that I can go NOLO! The foot scrub is a miracle cure for my rough callous heels and toe cuticles! We are a 3 generations Simple Sugars family. ; ))"