Testimonial Tuesday!

Every day we receive testimonials from our customers telling us about their Simple Sugars experience. Although we cannot make any medical claims, we wanted to share some of this customer feedback with you. From dry skin to oily skin, eczema to psoriasis, we've heard some amazing success stories. These testimonials are unedited, unscripted, and unsolicited.

Here is what Kailyn had to say about Simple Sugar Scrubs helped her with her skin:

"Hey! I just wanted to send a message thanking you guys so much for your product!! I've suffered from psoriasis my entire life and tend to have allergic reactions to a lot of the lotions that I try (and really, lotions don't really do much to solve the problem, it just puts a bandaid on it ). My dad ordered me the grapefruit body scrub for Christmas and I absolutely fell in love. With my success, my boyfriend and I purchased the Gingerbread Smooth for Men scrub for my boyfriend's 7 year old nephew who suffers from eczema and it's doing wonders for him as well :)

It's so nice to see him comfortable instead of always itching! Our skin has never been smoother and we have you to thank!"

We are so happy that Kailyn can enjoy using our Simple Sugars Scrubs!

To send in your own testimonial, email us at info@simplesugarsscrub.com.