Testimonial Tuesday!

Every day we receive testimonials from our customers telling us about their Simple Sugars experience. Although we cannot make any medical claims, we wanted to share some of this customer feedback with you. From dry skin to oily skin, eczema to psoriasis, we've heard some amazing success stories. These testimonials are unedited, unscripted, and unsolicited.

Here is what Meredith had to say about our Simple Sugar Scrubs:

"I NEVER write to companies telling them how great their products are but I felt I had to in this case. ...

About 3 weeks ago, I developed a minor rash on my arm which was extremely itchy. I tried for about a week and a half to self-treat and save the $50 co-pay to my dermatologist. I've had a few-and-far-between breakouts before and had some dermatologist cream left over which I tried, but it appeared to be getting even more itchy and even slightly spreading. 

Then one morning in the shower, I spotted my Simple Sugars and remembered on Shark Tank how you talked about it cleaning up some skin problems. I said what the heck and scrubbed some on the area. And that day, it didn't itch as much. So I did it the next day. And the day after that. And every day since and the itchy area is basically gone! It is truly a wonder item!

...Thank you so much for inventing this! I don't know what you put in it (fairy dust?) but it's a miracle!

Thank you and please don't ever stop making it!!"

We are so happy that Meredith can enjoy and benefit from using our Simple Sugars Scrubs!

To send in your own testimonial, email us at info@simplesugarsscrub.com.