The world's most expensive pedicure costs $2500!

This is no lie. The world's most expensive pedicure costs $2500 at Margaret Dabb's Sole Spa in London and the so-called Queen of Feet uses a "secret" ingredient that she claims is like Botox for the feet. Guess what her "secret" ingredient is? EMU OIL! Margaret claims that emu oil is a "massive hydrator" and that just one application takes 10 years off the feet!

Well guess what?! You don't have to go to London and you sure don't have to pay $2500 to get feet as soft as a baby's. Our all-natural Happy Feet peppermint footscrub with emu oil will do the trick for a mere $15.95!! We probably should be charging at least $1500. This is the beauty bargain of the century. Get yours now and get your feet sandal ready for spring!