Yes, you must! Exfoliate regularly that is. Why? Because, according toskincareresourcecenter.com, "Exfoliation is an essential component of any anti-aging skin care regime in order to promote cell renewal and younger, healthier skin."  Now, who amongst y'all is going to say no to that one? Anyone? Bueller? No, we didn't think so.

Skin cells die and if you don't scrub them off, they hang out making your skin look all dry, ash-y and dull. And the older you get, (life is so freakin' unfair!) the longer it takes for the dead nasty ones to slough off on their own. So, you've got to scrub those bad boys off to get glowing again and uncover the fresh, new young-looking skin cells underneath. It's that simple. (And this goes for bodies too people. And btw? Bodies include hands and feet!)

So get yourself some Simple Sugars facial scrub and use it daily!  (Simple Sugars facial scrubs are definitely gentle enough for daily use, we all use ours 2x a day. But always listen to your skin to determine how often is best for you. At the very least you should use it 3x/week) After you scrub, check out your glowing, super-fine self in the mirror. You don't need lotion. You'll notice the difference and so will everyone else. We promise.

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