Our most auspicious body scrub: TANGERINE!

Today marks the beginning of the Chinese New Year and 2014 is the year of the Horse! So for those of you born in 1942,1954,1966,1978 or 1990 this is your year. Those born under this sign are said  to possess good communication skills and are cheerful and stubborn. They crave success, and are popular and talented.

Tangerines and oranges are one of the most prominent symbols associated with Chinese New Year. As it happens, the Chinese word for "tangerine" sounds like the word for "luck" and the bright orange color of the fruit sybolizes gold, hence the idea that tangerines bring good luck and wealth!

So it's very auspicious that we have an incredibly delightful, fresh smelling all-natural tangerine scrub to make this Year of the Horse as smooth as possible. Are we saying that using our tangerine scrub every day will bring you luck, wealth and happiness? Well, we're not ruling it out but we are saying that it will definitely bring you super-smooth, soft skin! Get some and add some auspiciousness to your daily shower.