Revolutionizing Skincare for Sensitive Skin! #GONOLO

Soothe and Smooth Sun with Emu Oil

New name. New even more amazing scent. Same amazing NO-LO benefits for your skin after you've been in the sun.

Everyone loves the sun, but the sun is your skin's number one enemy. The fact that sunning dries out your skin is the least of it! Those unintentional sunburns are damaging and painful. And need we even mention the aging effects of the sun? So yes, sunscreen is a must before you spend any time in the sun and Simple Sugars all-natural Soothe and Smooth Sun is a must after sunning! 

It's super gentle exfoliation is a key to keeping sun-kissed (or sun-singed) skin looking healthy and the emollient oils will restore the moisture and softness that the sun strips away leaving your skin feeling its smoothest. But on top of all that Soothe and Smooth Sun contains pure aloe and green tea extract to help soothe sunburn and minimize UV damage. Both aloe and green tea have anti-inflammatory effects to soothe and diminish sunburns and there are studies that show that the high levels of antioxidants in green tea may actually even reverse sun damage! Like we said, this stuff is a MUST HAVE. The icing on the cake? It smells like the most amazing beach day ever! 

Note: Yes, we're saying you can and should use this on a sunburn, but use common sense and wait until your sunburn calms before trying to scrub it. 

Those of you with particularly fair or sensitive skin or for an especially nasty sunburn, definitely get the Soothe and Smooth with Emu Oil. 


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