Revolutionizing Skincare for Sensitive Skin! #GONOLO

Lemonade Body with Emu Oil

Our all-natural lemonade body cleansing exfoliating moisturizer is the ultimate refresher! Adding this to your daily showering routine will not only give you the most incredibly soft, smooth skin EVER, it may also make you smarter! No kidding. In the “Who knows if it’s true, but who cares?” category; there's actually a Japanese study that claims that the aroma of lemon essential oil can actually increase your ability to concentrate and perform better on tests! And, lemon essential oil purportedly helps to decrease cellulite! So, we can be sharper AND have less cellulite, in addition to having the softest and smoothest skin?? And they say you can't have it all...

Get this summertime scent while it lasts, because just like those warm, sunny, long summer days, it won't be around forever. (available through the end of August) 

Simple Sugars are awesome as is, but kicked-up with emu oil, they’re simply sublime! Same incredible scent, but with an extra added boost of super gentle moisturization that takes your smoothness to the next level. Recommended for those with extra dry or sensitive skin as well as those with conditions like eczema or psoriasis.

Note: Citrus essential oils are strong photosensitizers, so don’t use this one immediately before sunbathing.


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