Revolutionizing Skincare for Sensitive Skin! #GONOLO

This bird may have a face that only a mother could love, but it’s responsible for an ingredient that everyone’s skin will love! Emu Oil is one of the best documented natural super ingredients around. It comes from the back fat of the emu, an Australian bird that’s kind of like an ostrich. ( Finally, we can say something positive about back fat!!)

Pure Emu Oil is all natural & non-toxic. It will not clog your pores (it’s non-comedogenic), it is non-irritating to your skin (hypo-allergenic), and gentle for all skin types which makes it the perfect moisturizer. The incredible healing properties possessed by emu oil and its unsurpassed ability to penetrate the skin seem almost too good to be true. Further scientific inquiry has shown that properly rendered emu oil so closely resembles the oil in human skin, that it is absolutely hypoallergenic. ( In other words, it has “the allergic potential of water.” ) Emu oil has so many purported benefits that we can’t list them all here. But go ahead and google “the skin benefits of emu oil” and you’ll see benefits for eczema, psoriasis, sunburn and many more. You can add emu oil to any Simple Sugars scrub for an additional charge. Just add the emu oil option to your shopping bag in addition to the scrub of your choice. We think our scrubs are pretty fine as is, but truly, with the emu oil, they’re simply sublime – especially for those of you with really sensitive skin. Try it – you’ll love it! 

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